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Personal Development
Dawn Pilatowicz
Since the early 80's, I have been challenged with a degenerative muscle disease. 

This has been a curse and a blessing.
   The curse is obvious: losing my strength;
   The blessing: wow - what can I say. 
It has brought me to a place of finding myself, challenging my beliefs, opening my mind, searching for miracles, finding faith, trust and endless possibilities in life.

BodyTalk has not 'cured' me but it has helped mould a better me - a me that I can appreciate and love.

I never intended becoming a practitioner, it simply manifested itself. I have no medical background, and yet the BodyTalk protocol has allowed me to access medical information in an incredibly easy and very fast manner.

I have had great success with doing 'distance' sessions for people.   The more the practitioner (that's me!) can get themselves out of the way, the more accurate the BodyTalk session.

I offer 'distance' sessions:
I email the results of the BodyTalk session to the client

I also do 'distance' sessions on animals and babies.
BodyTalk Client testimonials:

Tilly (distance session):
'Dawn is an Earth Angel, and this BT proved to be the most accurate I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Body Talk.' 

Di (in person session):
'I can highly recommend Dawn.

On two occasions I have been treated by her, firstly for pain down the back of my leg from an old injury when I fractured my spine in a road accident and more recently when I had such a severe pain in my shoulder and arm from a tendonitis that I could not raise my arm at all.

Within two days of each treatment the pain had completely disappeared without the use of anti inflammatories and I can now get on with a normal, painless life! Thanks Dawn .. you work wonders !'

Sharon (distance session)
I know when the time for healing arises once again as one delves the depths of being - I call on Dawn to assist with Body Talk. (Distant healing)

She does the Body Talk, my body Listens - and Healing takes place every time.

Highly recommended if you have a busy schedule, need healing and release but cannot find time for an appointment.'

Alex (in person):
'When I arrived at Dawn’s house, I had already spent a whole day in pain as my right shoulder, neck and jaw had completely seized up - I was like a robot, having to turn my whole body at once because I couldn’t turn my head on its own.

After helping me get onto the treatment bed (I couldn’t manage it on my own), Dawn went to work. Using BodyTalk, she immediately started to come up with information that explained why I had created this situation for myself, and began a process of release. As this process took effect, I found myself shedding some tears of relief and by the end of it, was actually able to get off the bed myself, and move around with hardly any pain at all. Within the next day or so, the remaining pain I had held onto disappeared.

Thanks Dawn, for helping me shed light on this issue, work through it and come out the other side so fast and in one piece!'