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Personal Development
Dawn Pilatowicz
The Destiny Game

This is a card game with 14 numbers and 5 suits. You state your playing focus e.g. how can I resolve the issue with my partner? Then you just play the card game, matching suits, or numbers, creating journeys, travelling, driving or hitching. Once the first person calls 'destiny' with three completed journeys, we read the cards and get some amazing insight into the original playing focus. It's fun, insightful and can be played often with different questions each time. We play in groups of up to 6 people, for about three hours.
I facilitate growth and personal understanding in a fun environment through games:
The Transformation Game

This board game, created in Findhorn Scotland, is a fantastic way to discover how you deal with certain issues on your journey here on earth. You start out with a playing focus and then the game takes you along a life-path with insights, setbacks, angels and guidance through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual paths along your journey. We play for an entire day (very small groups)